We bring together a diverse community of water and sanitation entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, knowledge and areas of expertise. The ongoing interaction between participants and our wider networks adds significant value to the business development process throughout the programme and beyond!

Green Track

Green Track aims at pushing residents of Jabal Mohsen neighbourhood in Tripoli to separate their waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. This is done by a squad of ‘green women’, whereas a team of ‘green men’ would pick up the trash, sorted it, and sold the recyclables to companies. Currently, trash bins have been installed in 60 buildings (ie 600 apartments), and more will come.  ‘ The idea is to reach Zero Waste in Jabal Mohsen, then spread the project to the rest of Tripoli, especially Bab El Tebbaneh. The mentioned neighborhoods, which are regularly at war will socialise over the trash!’

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Plastic Beach

Plastic beach aims at engaging the underprivileged in collecting plastic waste and earning a monetary value in exchange. This will not only empower people who cannot make a living but also will aid in preventing plastic from reaching landfill and seas.


The start-up recycles organic waste from food processing factories, the largest industrial sector in Lebanon, into useful nutrients to be used as organic fertilizers in agriculture. TURBA, meaning soil in Arabic, stands for the value of our product as a rich amendment to improve Lebanon’s poor soil quality and contribute to sustainable agriculture.


Greenstocks is a Lebanese-based, fiscally-sustainable nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the environment (mostly fresh water sources) from illegal wastewater discharge through employing briquetting technologies to convert collected septage to renewable energy-sources (biomass briquettes) that are even more efficient than fossil fuel.

Compost Baladi

Compost Baladi is a social enterprise specialized in the management of organic waste. The start-up provides the public and private institutions with treatment systems for organic waste that allows recovery of resources for direct reuse.

Difaf s.a.l

Difaf s.a.l is an environmental consulting firm that has been operating in Lebanon since 2014. It seeks to bridge municipalities and SMEs with suitable Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS). Difaf s.a.l is looking to provide its clients with solutions that are sustainable and that allow them to bypass the institutional and financial obstacles associated with wastewater treatment, with the aim to abate and prevent the detrimental effects of wastewater mismanagement.


UNCLOG is a comprehensive project that aims at reducing the use of the disposable plastic bags in Lebanon. It proposes  an integrated community based model equipped with the activities, tools and  alternative eco-friendly products to disposable plastic bags, which would contribute to the improvement of lebanon’s social, economic  and environment conditions.


Solute aims to replace common single-use plastic products with completely biodegradable alternatives made from 100 % natural organic material that could be safely thrown away in the environment. We aim to have maximum outreach to consumers through the F&B businesses.

TRI Lebanon

TRI is a start-up that produces insulation material from textile waste . The material will be installed in refugees’ camps, to insulate their tents, and thus, provide them with a healthier and warmer living environment. The product can also be used for different building types: apartments, villas, bungalows, and mountain residences.

Inaya Permaculture

A consulting and training platform which aims at providing holistic environmental solutions. We create and implement sustainable agricultural projects by using functional design methods. One of our flagship projects is the Chicken Composting Land-Reclamation system, repairing the land while producing Compost, Organic Eggs, and Free-Range Chickens…all at once!

Inaya Permaculture

Kings Road Association

A non-for-profit organization that aims at developing sustainable tourism in Jordan. It focuses on integrating local communities in tourism sector to benefit socially and economically through identifying their needs, building skills, developing a masterplan of tourism trails and managing operations between service providers, market and customers as well as improving marketing and quality control of products, services and environment to support sustainable tourism projects.

Kings’ Road Association


Enviro Blue

Build small waste water treatment plants in Jordan to treat the waste generated from households and convert to irrigation water safe to use in the garden

Green Growth for Students Services

A start up project which aims to support youth and develop their cognitive skills by offering services and consultations provided by skilled specialists and certified trainers. Moreover, towards environmental sustainability we are specialized in offering different environmental activities and services which aim to increase students’ awareness to follow the pro-environmental behaviors.

Green Growth

Jordan Waste Chutes

A Jordanian start-up that specializes in the tailored design and building of stainless steel Chutes into newly constructed buildings. The Chutes are hidden within the building structure, allowing access on every floor and the chute will be designed to separate the waste by three canals for different types of waste and collect all garbage in containers in the ground floor/basement in a separate room.


Leakless is a project that aims to solve water leaking problems in water scarce countries. The project involves installation of a Wireless Sensor Network system that detects leaks in major water transportation pipes.

Recycle Styrofoam Adsorbent (RSA)

RSA is an innovative product used to remove colour from wastewater with the help of a material produced from waste Styrofoam. RSA can be applied in various industries using colour in their production processes and will be offered to companies that manufacture waste water treatment technologies and filters as a better and cheaper alternative to traditional technologies used to remove color from wastewater.


A translation agency that focuses on translating WASH related materials from English to Arabic. It also aims to create Arabic content in water and sanitation fields.

Deserttulip Jordan

Michael Schuring is the founder of Deserttulip Jordan and representative/distributor of Groasis Technology in the MENA region. With Groasis Technology, Waterboxx (made from virgin plastic) and Growboxx(biodegradable) you can plant trees and greeneries with 90% less water +90% survival rate and 90%less costs.

Groasis Jordan

Jordanian Water Integrity Organization

The JWIO organization looks for building up the capacities of the water sector in Jordan. It aims at enhancing the integrity of water facilities by offering training courses and developing integrity management actions to manage the risks.


Ecotech Recycling

Today electronic waste recycling is receiving a lot of attention for its economic and environmental benefits. At Ecotech,the first formal electronic waste recycling company in Palestine, recycled electronics undergoes a unique processing technique to recovering precious and base metal concentrates ready for metal smelting and refining industry, thus becoming one of the first urban mining company in the Middle East.


Biodiesel for Palestine

Biodiesel for Palestine is a start-up initiative aimed at collecting used cooking oils consumed by restaurants and hotels in the West Bank in Palestine to manufacture environmentally friendly biodiesel. The biodiesel is to be used for generating renewable energy to run cars, transportation companies trucks or any combustion machines.

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Water Heroes

Water Heroes is a water educational game, which kids can play on the computer or mobile phone. It aims at increasing the level of education and awareness to achieve sustainable society. Water Heroes however recognizes the need to up-to-date research to find new ways on making environmental learning games the most effective it can be.

Palestine Green Building Council

The PGBC is a non-government and non-profit organisation that aims at developing the environmental culture and understanding in construction industry in Palestine. Such development would lead the construction sector towards international sustainable considerations in order to raise the efficiency of building in all phases (design, construction, and operation) and enhance environmental health for occupant.

The Palestine Green Building Council