Difaf s.a.l

Difaf SAL is an environmental consulting firm that has been operating in Lebanon and the region since 2014. The wastewater sector in Lebanon is in jeopardy; centralized wastewater plants are sub-optimal, government investment is low and progress is very slow. Several barriers prevent private businesses and municipalities alike from treating their wastewater. Consequently, their sewages overload the networks or empty directly into the environment wreaking pollution havoc.

Equipped with technical know-how and localised experience, Difaf is developing a business case which would outstrip those barriers by bridging clients with the most feasible solutions, while creating incentive through financial mechanisms. DECEN-TERRA is here to streamline decentralised wastewater treatment (DEWATS) and provide SMEs, industries and small municipalities with feasible, durable and cost-effective wastewater treatment for compliance, consequently relieving the environment from further degradation.



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