Our activities in Iraq

Innovating water, sanitation and waste solutions

Cewas Middle East and BORDA Iraq are running a program “Innovating water, sanitation and waste solutions” with the overall goal of contributing to the creation of a Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), where entrepreneurs collaborate with the Government, humanitarian sector and the private sector in developing innovative solutions to ensure the protection of natural resources and the access of water and sanitation for all.

The program will be composed of monthly 1-2 day workshops , in which BORDA and cewas facilitators will present a number of key tools, technologies, methods and approaches over two years and a half period starting July 2019. The idea is that the Directorate, together with BORDA and cewas, develop a project proposal and mobilize funds for implementation.

Activities such as training courses, seminars, innovation competitions, business development coaching sessions and other tools will be employed to create the demand and supply of sustainable water and sanitation technologies, activating the market of water and sanitation innovation. The aim is to capitalize the potential of innovators developing nature-based technologies, methods and management systems to the sector, assuring that public and private water and sanitation projects are designed, implemented and operated in a sustainable way. Check our Facebook and Instagram for the lastest from our activities in Iraq.

Eco-Innovation Hackathon

The first step of our long-term dedicated business development support programme is the Eco-Innovation Hackathon, in cooperation with Field Ready, Iraq Response Innovation lab, Re:Coded, Re:Coded House and the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr. The Hackathon took place on July 2019 with the aim to empower entrepreneurs to introduce innovative solutions to the sector and, thus, ignite the creation of an ecosystem for water and sanitation entrepreneurs.  

45 students, young professionals and other enthusiasts from all over Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq joint the Hackathon and developed in 9 start-up teams business ideas in the field of solid waste, sanitation and water/food. The two winning teams have a received a seed-funding and coaching programme prize to further establish their business.