Our activities in Iraq

This year, cewas Middle East and BORDA West and Central Asia are initiating “Innovative solutions for Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) for Erbil”, a tailor-made, long term capacity strengthening program designed to respond to the needs of different actors of the Water and Sanitation Sector; including the relevant public directorates, corporations, educational institutions, private sector and NGOs, and particularly young entrepreneurs.

Activities such as training courses, seminars, innovation competitions, business development coaching sessions and other tools will be employed to create the demand and supply of sustainable water and sanitation technologies, activating the market of water and sanitation innovation. The aim is to capitalize the potential of innovators developing nature-based technologies, methods and management systems to the sector, assuring that public and private water and sanitation projects are designed, implemented and operated in a sustainable way.

To identify motivated start-ups and innovative SSWM business ideas, cewas and BORDA will run a Green Hackathon for students in Erbil in June. More updates will follow soon.