Innovating Water, Sanitation & Waste Solutions for the Middle East


Start-up Incubation Programmes

We offer professional training, coaching, networking and consulting in business development to create more sustainable and innovative solutions in water, sanitation and resource management. Since 2016 we have been supporting more than 60 start-ups, existing companies and organisations in developing and implementing new solutions in the environmental sector and continue to build a vibrant community of green entrepreneurs.


Training and Capacity Building

We run short and long-term training and coaching courses that aim at activating a change in the planning, implementation and maintenance of sustainable sanitation, water and resource management systems at local level. With our experience in business development, water and sanitation, project management, governance and change management, we are able to prepare and implement training packages for the needs of different stakeholders.


Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development

We are working together with key stakeholders from the environmental sector, the entrepreneurship sector and the financial sector to create and enhance the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem for water, sanitation and waste entrepreneurs. Our focus lies on developing strong ecosystem support services in the field of business development, finance and young talent growth.


What our Start-ups have to say