Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development

With the highest number of refugees per capita globally, and an increasingly water scarce region, the Middle East is facing a rapidly changing economic and environmental landscape. In efforts to encourage innovation and sustainability around these challenges, cewas Middle East has been supporting the creation of sustainable sanitation and water management (SSWM) start-ups across the region since 2013.

The entrepreneurial ecosystems and the markets within which the SSWM start-ups operate define, in many ways, the level of success they will achieve, while other contributing factors such as educational experiences, governmental policies, general awareness and understanding of the topics and access to appropriate financing have significant implications. In order to overcome the two primary barriers to building and fostering successful SSWM start-ups, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the market will need to move in the direction of incentivizing, supporting and achieving the successful integration of SSWM innovations and environmental sustainability.

cewas Middle East is working together with key stakeholders from the environmental sector, the entrepreneurship sector and the financial sector to create and enhance the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem for SSWM. Hereby, a particular focus is set on the following three ecosystem conditions: 1) Financial Support Systems, 2) Business Support Services & Intermediaries, 3) Talent Growth in SSWM