Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR) Entrepreneurship

In collaboration with An-Najah National University, we have the pleasure to offer an exclusive opportunity for lecturers from engineering and business departments to get to know the course and offer a course to students in January 2019 in Nablus. The overall aim is to introduce lecturers to the course and support them in using the course material with their students. The offer thus includes a one-day introduction for lecturers and a 4-days course for students.

The course “Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR) Entrepreneurship” will enable engineering students to:

  • Identify business opportunities for resource recovery and reuse across the waste and sanitation sectors,
  • Develop a RRR business model,
  • Study the feasibility of RRR business models by analysing legal, institutional, technological, logistical, health and financial aspects and related risks,
  • Define market positioning and financing for the implementation of RRR business models.

The course was developed by researchers at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and business development experts at cewas (coaching entrepreneurs in water and sanitation). The modules draw on innovative business models examples from the IWMI publication Resource Recovery from Waste. Business Models for Energy, Nutrient and Water Reuse in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.  The focus is on organic municipal, agro-industrial and food waste, wastewater and faecal sludge, supporting a diverse range of business models with potential for large-scale out- and up-scaling.


Sunday Jan. 12, 2019 Training of Trainers for lecturers only

Jan 13 – Wed Jan. 16, 2019 for Lecturers and students


Lillian Volat, cewas Middle East +970 598 358 637,

Tandiwe Erlmann, cewas, +41 76 528 68 70,,

Mays Shadeed, An-Najah National University, +97 (0) 59 782 16 41,

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