New ways of knowledge sharing in the Middle East

Recognizing that the Middle East is lacking access and knowledge about existing key information and training material on sustainable sanitation, cewas Middle East is highly motivated to fill this gap and engaged in several efforts to do so. One project targets the development of an Arabic version of the EAWAG Compendium on Sustainable Sanitation Systems and Technologies, a key information source for sanitation and highly appreciated by practitioners globally. So far it has been hardly used in the Middle East, mainly due to language barriers. Another project aims at the establishment of a Middle East Regional Chapter as part of the online platform Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA). SuSanA is an international alliance, which links on the ground experience with sustainable sanitation with an engaged community. Its incredible knowledge pool will be now strongly marketed in the Middle East and content relevant to the region will be displayed in the Regional Chapter.

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