Event for Supporting Palestinian cewas Start-ups

Social entrepreneurship in Palestine is still a nascent sector. To further support the Palestinian cewas start-ups, we teamed up with BuildPalestine and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung to initiate a conversation around how to develop further social enterprise support structures.  The aim is to bring together the existing start-up sector, key government, donors, NGO community and private sector representatives to grow social entrepreneurship in Palestine. The event was a morning roundtable discussion that identified important stakeholders, addressed the key areas and challenges that need support and inputs from the community on the general process of building up social entrepreneurship in Palestine. In attendance were representatives from Birzeit University, The Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence, Mercy Corp, GIZ, Global Communities, Ibtikar Fund, Hult Prize Palestine, JEST Hub as well as social entrepreneurs themselves.

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