Wanted: Environmental Entrepreneur in Jordan

We are looking for environmental entrepreneur for our programme with BOOKBRIDGE, who has the passion to establish a business for social and environmental good in Jordan. Apply until July 06th, 2020.


Who are you?

You have a great business idea which solves a clear ecological and social issue in your community. You are interested to set up and run your own social enterprise. You have pre-experience as an entrepreneur, and you are aware what it means to work by yourself without a fixed salary. You have a long-term commitment and vision for your business idea with the ability to dedicate yourself to a full-time role. You have a strong connection to and are inspired by service to your community. You are a networker and you know how to motivate others to support your idea. You show good self-understanding and confidence. You have the support of your family to be a social entrepreneur. You speak the arabic and have a good proficiency of English.

What we offer to you?

We invest in you to turn your vision into reality. We offer you a structured and proven approach to turn your vision for your community into a tangible social enterprise, with

  • professional sessions to develop your business and leadership skills
  • a team of highly skilled professionals who co-create your vision and social enterprise with you
  • access to investors who may fund your idea with an interest-free loan
  • opportunities after the program to learn from peers and exchange best practices
  • a lifetime membership in the global Bridgebuilders family.



Apply Now


How does it work?

  1. Apply using our application form until July 06th, 2020.
  2. We will request an interview by video or phone or face-to-face.
  3. As the successful candidate, we visit your community as a next step. In a community meeting, we will take time to understand the current situation and the perceived needs of the local people. Based on this, we compile a briefing note which serves as a basis for your action learning program. We will recruit additional local candidates for the program.
  4. We engage you in a 6-month program, beginning in October 2020, with a team of Jordanian and foreign professionals to develop your business idea into a functioning social business. Your full-time role as the entrepreneur of the business allows for a high degree of self-responsibility. You earn your salary through income generated from your business with the continued support of BOOKBRIDGE.
  5. We begin the program with a 1 week kick-off module in your community. You will get to know all candidates and introduce your business challenge. Over the 6-month program, we will turn your vision into reality, resulting in a tangible social enterprise which is run by you as its entrepreneur.


What challenges are waiting for you?

  • Social Enterprise Set up: You will work with a team of local and foreign candidates from our Capability Program who will support you and your team in researching, planning and setting up your social business.
  • Social Enterprise Management: You manage daily operations together with local staff. You are responsible for reporting to BOOKBRIDGE.
  • Development of business: You direct the design and implementation of the business, which inspires and engages the local community.
  • Maintaining network: As founder of your business, you work closely with BOOKBRIDGE. You develop and maintain relationships with our partners and the local community.
  • Paying back a loan without any interest to the investor.


Whom to contact?

If you have questions please contact us at middleeast@cewas.org.